Plight of the Girl Child

In many African countries, due to a combination of poverty, culture, and the HIV epidemic, girls are denied some of the freedoms, rights and opportunities that are routinely given to boys. As poverty increases, families are forced to make hard decisions around food, education and healthcare. It is the girl child who usually bears the burden. She is the first to drop out of school to care for a sick parent or be pulled out when school fees increase. She may be pushed into early marriage, child labor, or even prostitution to bring some income to the family. The most vulnerable group of girls are those who are in child headed households. In these cases, the oldest girl takes on the job of parenting and providing for her siblings.

To see how Coalition for Courage is attempting to address some of these issues, read about the “Real Pads for Real Women” project and the Girls’ Camp we ran in August, 2010.

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