How a School Can Help

Is your school or classroom looking for a way they can make a difference and give to a good charity?

There are many simple things classrooms can do to raise money, and with some friendly competition, it’s amazing how much cash can roll in! Coalition for Courage has worked with a handful of schools and classrooms with great success!   One activity, called a “Penny War,” involves giving each grade a clear container in which to collect pennies. Each penny is a “point” so students try to fill their grade’s jar with the most pennies. Silver coins take points away, so if a student puts a dime into another grade’s jar, that grade’s total point value is reduced by 10. With one grade responsible for daily change counting and posting of results, it’s quite painless for the rest of the school. C4C board member, Bethany Sager, is excited to try it out, and has already come up with other names for this fun game – “Silver Sabotage” or “Pennies with a Purpose.” Want to get your school involved? Try it out and we’ll tell everyone how much you raised after one week! To read more about how to set up a Penny War at your school click here.

Another idea is to have a classroom Sponsor a Child,  Coalition for Courage is a small non profit with direct connections to the children in Zimbabwe.  We can work with your classroom to find a child who is of the same age as the class and send pictures to you so the class can choose the child.  We will work with you to determine the amount of communication, but letters, emails and packages in both directions are possible.  Contact us at to get started!

Dale Street School in Medfield, MA have been very involved in helping Tsungirirai Orphan Care Center on various projects, they raise money for food, school fees and send schools supplies.

The video below shows the children after a receiving donation of hats, sunglasses, nail clippers, Medfield t-shirts and fleeces, winter gloves, socks, underwear and toothbrushes, the children couldn’t contain themselves. Thank you Dale Street School!

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