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Kristen and Becca enjoyed time with children at Tsungirirai.

It is now summer in Zimbabwe. The cool, crisp mornings and chilly nights are gone. It’s hot all the time now. During the day, the sun beats down on our cottage roof, and it feels like there is heat on. Not a day goes by that we don’t make casual jokes about nonexistent cooling devices. “Is it too early to turn on the air conditioner?” “Can you set the fan to oscillation?” Even if we had these items, we would not be able to use them much. The electricity seems to come on less and less these days. This past week, during one of our meetings, it actually sprinkled outside very lightly. I felt the first raindrop on my skin since I’ve been on this continent. One of the things we do every week is an income generating project with the “Real Girls Club.” They are sewing washable pads to sell to women in the community. Recently while buying supplies in Harare, we came across a fabric store that doubled as a toy store.

There, we found them. WATER BALLOONS.

Vanessa and Pricilla loved the balloons!

It wasn’t the last time that day my clothes would get drenched. Later, a Frisbee water fight broke out after I mistakenly designated a well as the 4th hole. It figures the water decided to flow fast and furious for that entire hour instead of the sad dribble, it produces when we need to fill our buckets for cooking, bathing, or cleaning.

They were purchased without much thought, and we had our activity planned for the Palliative Care Group on Saturday. We facilitated a fun, tournament-style game . After the game, there were about 10 balloons left over, and Becca and I initiated a balloon fight. As expected, complete frenzy broke out.

Despite the natural environment taking some getting used to, I am completely content. I continue to fall in love with Zimbabwe and its people, and am cherishing every moment I have here, even if it does involve sweating while sitting still.

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