Coalition for Courage has now existed for long enough that a number of “children” have graduated and become gainfully employed, a feat that is quite amazing in a country where the unemployment rate is over 80%. According to the CIA World Factbook, Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is 95% (2009 estimate that “also reflects under employment; true unemployment  is unknown, and under the current economic conditions, unknowable”). We celebrate our new and upcoming graduates.

Chatama, once a shy boy who advocated for the orphan care center to stay open at night so he could study (he didn’t have electricity), will graduate from Midlands University with a degree in Marketing.

Evans (pictured here with Liz) has supplemented his scholarship to Midlands University with money earned making wire crafts. In December, he will graduate with a degree in Media and Social Studies.

Regis, now a grown man, will graduate from Selbi Theological College this December. He started with us when he was in grade 6 and has always dreamed of being a minister. When Liz met with him in August, he described himself as a baby bird, finally ready to jump out of its nest and begin to fly.

When Marlon was in grade 5 he somehow convinced Arden to buy him a dog. Since then, his love for animals has only deepened. This December Marlon will finish a degree in Animal Husbandry, which is the first part of a 6 year program in Veterinary Medicine.

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