A Day You Will Never Forget?

On the 30th of October 2008, the sky was vivid blue and had a hot wind blowing the dust.  I woke up in the morning feeling very weak.  My mind was so stressed with my mum’s illness because she was no longer able to eat.  That morning we had a wonderful conversation.  I did not know it was the last day I would see her sweet face.  At sunset she began breathing so heavily that you could hear her from a distance.  There was no money to admit her to the hospital so that evening we did not sleep.  Everyone’s eyes were on her.

Suddenly she stopped talking and closed her eyes.  She took some few more breaths and then was still.  At my young age I watched her take the last breath of her life while tears fell down my cheeks.  I could not cry aloud but deep inside I burned in pain.  To remember it I shiver and feel numb.

After that I suffered a lot.  I began working for other people to get food.  I visited all my relatives searching for help.  There was no one to pay for my school fees  because my father died when I was two years.  I became like the father of my grandparents’ house.  My relatives ignored my needs and let me suffer with only one meal per day.

At school I was isolated.  Other students called me “poor boy” and the administration sometimes sent me away from lessons because school fees were not paid.  It caused me to fail.

Now when I see other mothers with their children my tears fall because I feel isolated.  I wish to have someone who would give me a shoulder.  I envy those who have a mother’s heart to love them.

-Blessed (form 4)


It was on the 13th of July 2011 when I woke up in the morning feeling very weak.  That day I went to school late.  In the class I was sleeping and I saw dead people in my dream.  I was so scared and I asked my teacher to go home because I was feeling sick.

When I arrived home there was no one.  Everyone went to the hospital to see my father who was not well.  I just got in the house and slept in my uniform.  I didn’t even remove my shoes.

After a couple of hours I heard people crying.  Some were shouting.  I thought I was dreaming again.  I woke up and saw that it was real.  My father was dead.  It pained me so so much because this man really loved me, cared for me and gave me fatherly love.  He tried his best for me.  I miss him and I am always going to miss the real love of a father.

-Takudzwa (grade 4)

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