Dale Street School Raises $12,100!

A special thanks goes to Ms. Bethany Sager and the students in her class!

Many donations of shirts and other items over the years have helped children in Zimbabwe.

Very generous 4th and 5th graders at Dale Street School successfully raised $12,100 to help orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

On November 21st, students participated in a “Hunger Luncheon” where they donated $2 and ate only a bowl of rice for lunch.  Over the next few weeks, groups of children organized additional money making activities.  Special thanks to:

  • Ms. Sager and her class for organizing a kick off video and leading the charge,
  • Mr. Tarantino’s Tungurura Marimba Group (of Sharon, MA) and Mr. Ruggiero’s Ngoma Dzakanaka Marimba Group (of Medfield, MA) for participating in a benefit concert for C4C,
  • Mrs. Cowell’s class for making and selling paper cranes,
  • Mr. White’s class for holding a bake sale and making hats to sell for Hat Day,
  • Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Kristof’s classes for organizing “Hat Day” and running a flea market in their two classes,
  • Mrs. Carolyn Ghantous for donating handmade earrings to be sold,
  • Brianna Connor for donating handmade Capri Sun bags for a raffle,
  • and all the individual students, teachers, Dale Street staff, and Medfield families who helped to make this fundraiser a success!


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