Letter from Liz

Liz and Anisha

Liz and Anisha

Dear Friends,

On my last trip to Zimbabwe I spent one afternoon snapping photos of happy children as they sang and danced barefoot at the orphan care center.  After a little while, I felt a gaggle of boys trailing behind me.  I could hear them giggling and making CLICK, CLICK sounds with their mouths.  When I looked at them I saw that they were “taking photos” with cameras they had formed from mud and sticks.  It couldn’t have been more adorable, and was a sweet reminder about creativity’s power to transform.

So often I am amazed by how happy and carefree children in Zimbabwe seem.  Their innocence and unadulterated joy is in such contrast to what I know of their histories.   After caring for dying parents and younger siblings, many Zimbabwean children enter an adult world without having had the chance to test all the rules, be irresponsible, to dream freely.  They are forced to make important life or death decisions before they even understand the connection between cause and effect.

At C4C we strive to provide them with all they need, as well as the skills and confidence to become independent, healthy adults.  Childhood is a time for taking small risks, making some mistakes, and learning.  Part of our role is to show them how their choices have consequences, and another is to rebuild some of their hope for the future.  By connecting children with sponsors, setting clear expectations for academic performance, and showing up again and again, we hope to mimic parental behaviors they have otherwise lost.

It’s not an even playing ground.  It never will be.  But we can choose to make the best of our disparate worlds.

By supporting C4C, you help give vulnerable children something to depend on. Thank you for helping us to transform their futures.

Liz Berges


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