Global Giving


The Dale Street community raised $10,000 for C4C during November of 2012!

It’s not uncommon to hear parents in Medfield, Massachusetts say that the reason they moved to town was the schools.  It’s true that Medfield schools have an outstanding reputation.  But it’s not just high test scores and an award winning music program that make them special.

Character Counts
Teachers in Medfield work hard to cultivate character traits such as honesty, responsibility, generosity, and humility in their students.  Their thoughtful and engaging planning makes an enormous difference in who children become and what they believe.Dale Street School’s focus on poverty around the world helps children to understand and appreciate all that they have.

How it all began
Dale Street School’s partnership with Coalition for Courage began because of a personal connection between Dale Street and Elizabeth Berges (former Dale Street teacher and co-founder of C4C), but it has continued because of hundreds of other personal connections made over the years.  Medfield residents have had an enormous impact on the lives of children in Zimbabwe.  What is also clear, is that by making a difference, children in Medfield have been affected as well.

Growing Together
What started as a seed, just an idea about how to be a part of the solution, has grown into a web of relationships.  Children have inspired their families and other members of the Medfield community to share what they have, and we’ve all grown as a result.  Over the years, soccer teams, sporting goods stores and individuals have rallied around us to provide for needy children in Norton, Zimbabwe.

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