Awards and Honors


Sylvester is one of our top students! This year he moved to a highly ranked boarding school and won three prizes including “Best Student of the Year.” Sylvester is the next Coalition for Courage scholar who will be applying to schools in America. He has his sights set on MIT or an engineering school. With his grades and determination we are confident he will be successful!


We began sponsoring Molline in Grade 5 and are so proud of her hard work and success! Mollie graduated from Midlands University this year with a degree in Government Programs and Business. She is now in the process of job hunting.


Alpha was one of only about 400 children in the entire country to receive a perfect score on his grade 7 exams. Anyone who receives 4 units is able to secure a place at the boarding school of their choice in Zimbabwe. It’s an amazing opportunity. We are so proud and continue to expect great things from him


Vanessa has made steady improvements over the last two years! She is a boarding school hopeful for 2017!



Last year, Tinotenda was a shy and sad girl. Her mother, a C4C alumna, saw her potential, but was unable to pay for Tino’s schooling. C4C joined forces and provided a partial scholarship for one year of pre-school. This year we found a happy, outgoing child who received the school’s “Most Intelligent” award, which helped her mother find continued funding for grade 1.


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