It’s a Small World

FullSizeRenderIn his first year at Tufts, Craig grew used to telling classmates he was from Zimbabwe. Few could locate his country on a blank map and even fewer had ever heard of Harare, the capital city. So when a fellow soccer player pressed Craig, “but where in Zimbabwe are you from?” Craig answered with, a vague “outside Harare.” He figured the guy was just trying to make conversation and might have heard of Harare.

Imagine Craig’s surprise when his teammate said he’d traveled to an orphan care center in Craig’s hometown of Norton back in 2010. And not only that, but Sal Sprofera, who, as a middle schooler, raised money to support a soccer team at Tsungirirai, had actually met Craig on that trip. Talk about a small world!

Now Craig and Sal live in the same dorm, play on the same soccer team, and consider each other great friends. 

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