Programs and Projects in 2016


Each year we assess our programs to see what is working and what might need to be tweaked a little. We are happy to report very few changes to our programs in 2016. Overall, the children are doing well and we are happy with what we are seeing.


We do everything we can to ensure that children are successful in school. When we see children who are struggling, we provide tutors who work with them outside the school day. We also maintain a small C4C library so students can study in a comfortable well-lit room that is stocked with textbooks.


We supply a basic food pack to families with an HIV positive child or parent, an elderly guardian, child-headed households, or those who have other extenuating circumstances that make nutritional support a necessity. With an impending drought in Zimbabwe, we anticipate that our spending for food packs will increase this year.  If you would like to sponsor a family in 2016, the cost is $30/month ($360/year).


OurIMG_7979 most basic sponsorship is for children who have shown strong academic skills and leadership. Each child is provided with a full uniform, school supplies, medical coverage and performance-based incentives. Cost varies by school, but ranges from $250-$500 for primary students and $750-$900 for secondary students. We are looking for sponsors for three children in 2016.  See the bottom of page 3 if you might be interested in helping.


If students show the ability to take on more academic and social responsibility, we offer them the chance to attend a private day school or a boarding school. This change guarantees that they learn in one of the best schools in the country.  Sponsorships cost between $800-$1,500/year for primary school students and $2,000-$3,000 for secondary students. Most of our students have several donors who team up to cover the cost of their scholarship. If you’d be interested, you can read more about Takudzwa at the bottom of page 3.


After completing form 4 (the US equivalent of grade 11), students either continue to forms 5-6 and then pursue a university degree, or they apply to a technical school where they focus on a specific vocation. This year we have students studying engineering, mining and computer science.  Sponsorships range from $1,800-$3,000/year and we ask for a 2-4 year commitment, depending on the program.  Most of these students have more than one sponsor and several are in need of an additional donor to cover the full cost of the sponsorship.


We have found that many of our donors value the personal connections with children, while others would prefer to give “discretionary funds” that we allocate as needed. Both are great. We are happy to earmark funds if you would like your donation to go toward a specific program or child. If there’s something you’d like to hear more about, simply email us.

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