Another Successful Income-Generating Group

When Malvin and Nyasha saw the 3 looms and the bag of small beads and thread we purchased in South Africa, they looked confused. We then showed them several AIDS ribbon pins that we had purchased and explained that we thought Tsungirirai children might be able to make these pins. Unfortunately, all we had was a page full of diagrams showing us how to use the loom.

The boys quickly volunteered to study the diagrams and learn how to do it. They spent the next several weekends (and every evening) sitting under the masaw tree teaching themselves to weave beads together. Their first products were a little rough around the edges, literally, but now they have mastered the process and can make pins of AIDS ribbons as well as Zimbabwean flags. They even made us long pins designed with our names.

The “bead group” now consists of 6 children who meet on Saturday afternoons and work as a group, teaching each other and learning the basics of business. They have their own bank account and share the proceeds of any pin sales.

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