In Memory of Elvis

After a life long battle with HIV, our wise and funny friend Elvis passed away.

Our happiest memories of Elvis are of him sneaking around to the back of our house making animal sounds outside our open window. We would play along and pretend to be scared of the wild animals that were lurking outside our door until his eventual giggle would break out between roars.

His role as the soccer team manager may never be filled by a more determined or dedicated fan. Elvis advocated for his team’s first aid kit and insisted that he be taken to games, even if it meant that other players had to be left behind.

Elvis was stubborn and impossible to say no to. He would often come to our home and tell us that he “needed” spaghetti and chicken for dinner or that he “had to have” an avocado. We were always more than happy to give him whatever he wanted.

Elvis died in the hospital while his older sister and caretaker, Annie, was at school. She now lives alone and recently wrote, “When I think of the death of my brother my tears fall down and I feel empty. He was my whole family and now I am alone.”

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