Gilbert’s Thank You

Gilbert, with a keychain and motorbikes he has made

Dear Donors and Sponsors,

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to write a letter today on behalf of the C4C children. The students are very happy because of you. They cherish your support and kindness. We are all working hard to compliment your effort. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We know it is difficult to give money, especially under this condition of global economic recession. We are trying our best to reach our intended destinations. We are working tirelessly to mould our lives so that we can become successful people in our community.

Many of us are achieving our dreams due to your support. Babylon and Donald are in South Africa working in computers. Spencer, Lisbon and Rogers are employed as a mechanics and Maggie is working as an office manager. Chatama is on attachment pursuing a marketing degree, Evans and myself are at Midlands University working toward degrees in business. Marlon is working to become a veterinarian and Regis is pursuing a degree in religious studies. Nobert and Molline are attending a college and working hard in their study areas of tourism and business management. These are very positive achievements and we are all determined not to let our sponsors down. We know we must utilize the opportunity that we have and not to regret any actions.

I would like to thank you once again. It might be difficult for us to express our thanks, but please bear in mind that we acknowledge every effort you are putting in, and I am sure we will not let you down.

Yours faithfully,

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