Nutritional Support

Our vision:

  • To help children be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible in their environments. Programs might include vitamin supplementation, supplementary feeding programs, grief counseling, doctor visitation as well as preventative healthcare.

Children come to Tsungirirai daily for a mid-day meal.

Due to a recent drought Zimbabwe is heading into a food crisis and this year hunger was cited as the biggest concern of children in Norton.  In our early years, many of our children had no food at home and the agency provided the only meal they had each day.  At the time Tsungirirai was slated to feed 150 children but this was not enough. Many of our children could be found taking their plate of food and sharing it with a cousin or a friend whom had not eaten in days. It was during this crisis that we began contributing to the feeding program at the agency so they could feed over 200 children daily.

Although the situation stabilized in the country in 2015 we have found the need to expand our feeding program.

Sadza is the staple food in Zimbabwe.

Despite an increase in food security, many children still suffer from malnutrition. Daily lunch brings children to the center and ensures that they receive at least one nutritious meal a day.

The feeding program for 2016 we will provide nutritional support to C4C’s children. This is particularly important for those children who are living in child headed households, who are HIV+ and/or have tuberculosis.


For the past 14 years, students and teachers at Dale Street School in Medfield, MA have raised money to feed the children at Tsungirirai.









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