Educational Support

Our vision:

  • To help needy children succeed in school by providing educational assistance. This may be done through the payment of school fees, tutoring, provision of books, educational activities and/or school supplies;
  • To open doors to opportunities that may have otherwise been impossible for needy children. This may be done by offering scholarships and assistance to boarding school, or through educational trips and outings.


$90 will allow one child to go to a local public school in Zimbabwe. $30 more will ensure s/he has a uniform to wear.

$250 can pay for one term of school supplies for 200 orphans. $750 would cover school supplies for the entire year.

Tutors are available M-Th at the library. With $100, we can pay a teacher to tutor orphans four afternoons a week for one month!










C4C Individual Scholarships
Our sponsorship program began in 2002 when we saw that there were a handful of exceptionally bright children who, despite incredible odds, were excelling academically. We were impressed by their intelligence, their drive, their resilience, their leadership and mostly, by the hope that they gave us for the future.  These were children who we could easily imagine might change the world.

In order to be considered for a C4C scholarship, children have to demonstrate outstanding academic performance, a drive to succeed, resilience, leadership, and kindness. We then put them in the best schools we can find for them.

Our scholarship program successes have been tremendous!  Each child has been a source of pride for us and for their sponsors. Most of our boarders are in the top 5 in their class. Of our ten “graduates,” nine are fully employed in the profession in which they were trained. We have a computer programmer in South Africa, an office manager in Harare, several mechanics, and two girls running a hair styling/braiding shop. Several are in university, including Jane, who is now attending Mount Holyoke College.

We are looking for sponsors who want to be connected with an individual child, and who are willing to make at least a two year commitment.  For more information about how to sponsor a child, click here.

Individual sponsorships are tailored to the individual children and range from $450-$2,000/year (depending on the child).

Babylon, our first graduate, is now a computer programmer in South Africa. Linda is a very talented poet, also living and working in South Africa.

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