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IMG_5613Sponsoring a child can be a fulfilling experience for an individual and a child. There are many sponsorship programs out there; ours is small, grassroots, and our sponsors know they are making a difference in the life of one of our orphans. The price and commitment vary. Individuals can simply pay the school fees to insure a child goes to school for a year or can have a longer term, deeper connection with an individual child. A handful of our sponsors have gone to Zimbabwe to visit their child and a few have even brought their children to America to visit them after several years of connection via letters. Our small program allows endless possibilities for creating your own experience.



History of the Sponsorship Program
Each year we search for exceptional orphans who have shown resilience, leadership and academic strength. We offer scholarships to the ones who have not only survived, but excelled in the face of extreme poverty. Many of these children have cared for dying parents and may have missed months of school, but still managed to shine. We have several levels of sponsorship, but each is tailored to the individual child and his/her needs. Our scholarships are limited only by the number of sponsors we have. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Norton Based Scholarships
Norton-based scholarships provide full support for orphans who attend Tsungirirai Orphan Care Center. These students continue to live at home, but attend the best schools in the area. They are provided full uniforms, school supplies, textbooks, a stipend for food, medical support as needed, and additional support for their individualized needs (i.e, extra lessons in English, blankets if the family does not have them in the winter, etc.). Norton-based scholarships are intended to support outstanding students who have the potential to succeed and rise to the next level if fully supported. Often this is the first step to boarding school. The average cost is $550/year but it depends on whether the child is in primary or secondary school, public or private.


Boarding School Scholarships
A boarding school sponsorship is life changing.  Students who receive boarding school scholarships are moved to one of the country’s best boarding schools, where they receive everything they need to succeed. Their only job is to work hard in school. This is a dream come true for a child – a bed, three meals a day and the best education money can buy. The cost of a boarding school scholarship is between $1500-$3000/year (depending on the school). Click here to see an interview with Craig.




Technical School Scholarships

Each year we offer scholarships to children who show talent for a trade, as well as responsibility and leadership skills. These children attend Young Africa, Mufure College or other accredited vocational schools. All these organizations are committed to graduating children who not only have a skill, but who have an understanding of business basics. Programs include Tmotor mechanics, metal works, wood working, carpentry, dressmaking, interior design, and catering. Most are two year programs which run between $1800-2,500 per year. This includes all tools and supplies for the skill to be studied, books, and a monthly stipend to be spent on food and living expenses.

University Scholarships

As our boarding school scholars continue to succeed, we are forced to consider university as a logical next step. Whenever possible, we help students acquire scholarships from the schools themselves (see Jane’s story) but this is not always possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I become a sponsor what happens next?
Once a child is identified, we work with the child and his/her family by setting goals and shoring up academic skills. Our Zimbabwean project manager, Vitalis, meets with teachers and the headmaster to hear how the students are faring and checks in with the children regularly. If students are struggling, we do whatever we can to help them. Sometimes this means that we hire a tutor or purchase additional materials for the student, other times we provide them with additional psycho-social support. If students do not show continued dedication to their studies, they are placed on probation and may lose their funding for the next year.

Can sponsors contact the child they sponsor?IMG_0847
Because we are a very small nonprofit, the connection between sponsors and children can be very close. All sponsors have direct contact with their children and can be as involved as they wish. All sponsors receive letters from their children at least twice each year, and also receive updates from Vitalis via email. We now have internet in our office so sponsored children will have access to email. Some sponsors write letters or send small packages and anyone is welcome to accompany us on our annual summer trip to Zimbabwe if that is appealing. We have had around 4 sponsors visit their children and each have loved the experience.

How are sponsors matched with children?
We like to work with each sponsor individually to find a good fit. Some families choose to sponsor a child who is the same age as one of their own children, while others want someone who is young so they can sponsor a child throughout his/her entire schooling career.

What is the commitment of a sponsor?
It is our hope that you will feel connected to this child will continue to support him or her in some capacity for a few years, however, we understand that situations and commitments change. We can work with individuals around any commitment they are willing to give. As Michelle Sprofera explains in her letter, the children love and value the support from their sponsors. Many times the children refer to their sponsors as Amai (Mother) or Baba (Father).

I want to sponsor a child, but I can’t pay that entire amount. Can I still help?IMG_3131
If you are interested in sponsoring a child, but are not able to cover the full amount, please don’t let that stop you. One piece of sponsorship is the financial contribution, but equally important is the connection with individuals for these children. We can work with you and with any level of donation to insure you can have a connection with a child.


Can I sponsor an HIV positive kid?
Coalition for Courage chooses our children for sponsorship based on academic achievement, leadership qualities and overall potential. All of our children have lost one or both parents to HIV, some of our children were also born with HIV themselves.

Zimbabwe currently provides Antiretroviral drugs to children free of charge, but in order for the children to get these drugs they must travel to Harare once a month. Studies have found that children who take these drugs do much better with additional food and regular medical care. If you choose to sponsor this child they will be supported with school fees and uniforms but will also receive a food pack each month and all fees associated with the monthly clinic visits will be covered.

Sponsoring a HIV positive child insures that this child lives as well as possible for as long as possible, we focus on keeping the children in school and living like other children. When they do become sick and unable to be in school we focus on aggressive symptom and pain management. With nutritional and medical support, children who are HIV positive can live into their late teens.



I’m interested. What do I do next?
Contact us at coalitionforcourage@gmail.com and we will send you current profiles via email or tell you about the children who need sponsors.



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