Coalition for Courage is the product of a few people who cared enough to make something happen, and the donors who had the faith to help support the mission. We are less about change through public policy and more about living with kids and identifying real places where we can make a real difference – today.

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Our Mission

Coalition for Courage helps needy children, especially those affected by HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, by providing health, education and welfare services.

Our Vission is...

-> To help needy children succeed in school by providing educational assistance. This may be done through the payment of school fees, tutoring, provision of books, educational activities and/or school supplies;
-> To assist existing programs that offer needy children psychosocial support in the form of leadership and life skills programs, sports teams as well as other opportunities for group sharing and bonding;

-> To help children be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible in their environments. Programs might include vitamin supplementation, supplementary feeding programs, grief counseling, doctor visitation as well as preventative healthcare.
-> To open doors to opportunities that may have otherwise been impossible for needy children. This may be done by offering scholarships and assistance to boarding school, or through educational trips and outings.
-> To reduce pain and suffering associated with sickness and poverty through a variety of means, including but not limited to the provision of warm clothing, blankets, and medications.

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Click on this video to learn more about the children we support