Psychosocial Support

The goal of this program is to assist existing programs that offer needy children psychosocial support in the form of leadership and life skills programs, sports teams as well as other opportunities for group sharing and bonding. 

Coalition for Courage believes that in order for a child to grow and succeed they need to be supported in their basic needs, in their education and also emotionally. When basic needs are left unmet the psycho-social needs of children are many times relegated to the luxury category. Each year we sponsor programs which help develop strong and resilient leaders.

After attempting to answer some hard questions about why, in general, girls weren’t succeeding at the same rate as the boys we sponsor, we dedided to implement some targeted programs focusing on “the girl child.” In addition to actively recruiting younger girls for boarding school so that they could get an early start, Coalition for Courage sponsored a psycho-social camp for teenage girls during the summer of 2010.

Camp days are filled with many team building activities

The youth group ran a very successful film festival

Reading groups allow allow children much needed time with adults.