Educational Support

This program was made to ensure that our children excel academically. We do this by offering scholarships and assistance to boarding and or schools, tutoring, provision of books, educational activities and/or school supplies. 

To put things into perspective, $250 can pay for one term of school supplies for 200 orphans. $750 would cover school supplies for the entire year.

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Nutritional Support

We created this program to help children be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible in their environments. The programs might include vitamin supplementation, supplementary feeding programs, grief counseling, doctor visitation as well as preventative healthcare.

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Psychosocial Support

Coalition for Courage believes that in order for a child to grow and succeed they need to be supported in their basic needs, in their education and also emotionally. When basic needs are left unmet the psycho-social needs of children are many times relegated to the luxury category. Each year we sponsor programs which help develop strong and resilient leaders.

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Skills Building

Several of the children head households and must provide for their younger siblings. Without a viable skill, these children may turn to less desirable forms of income. Our goal is to train adolescents in a skill that is useful and interesting to them so that they can be proud of their work as they grow to be responsible, contributing members of the community. 
Many of the projects we started years ago are still running, and because profits from the sale of these items go back to the skills building program to purchase additional materials, some children have been quite successful. 

We do a lot of work, and when you see the joy that exists in these hearts, you'll understand why;